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Internet Fax Service (i-Fax)

i-Fax is latest fax technologies that allow you to send and receives faxes via Internet, in short the replacing of a traditional fax machines requiring a dedicated phone line. With I-Fax you can send and receive faxes from anywhere and anytime via PC with internet connection.

Key Benefits of I-Fax
  • Cost effective
    • No Fax machine and telephone line needed either paper or ink
    • No installation
    • Enjoy discount rate for sending fax
  • Convenient
    • Be mobile, send and receives faxes from anywhere and anytime.
    • Send and receive multiple faxes 24 hours.
    • Turn your camera phone to instant scanner, copier and fax.
  • Confidentiality
    • Confidentiality – Faxes received in your private mailbox and email.

How i-Fax works?
  • Send Fax
  • Receive Fax