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REDtone Plus Discount Call Service

REDtone Plus Prepaid Discounted Calls Services, the best call savings plan for STD, Mobile & IDD calls that may save up to 90% of your phone expenses. REDtone provide all the services that suit all range of user; fixed line users, mobile users & entrepreneurs(SME & SMI).

Key Benefits
  • Save up to 90% on your telecommunication costs.
  • Customized voice solutions to target specific users.
  • No hidden cost, deposit, registration fee, service tax and monthly rental.
  • Free access to itemized bill (web itemized bill).
  • Sharing of airtime/talk time with a lots of phone numbers in one account

How it works?

How to make call?
  • To make call from Mobile via Instant Office.
    1. Click on ‘Send SMS’
    2. Select ‘ REDtone Callback’
    3. Enter your mobile and destination then click on ‘Call’.
    4. Answer the call from REDtone and press ‘1’ to connect.

  • To make call from Mobile via Missed Callback
    1. Call to 03 2054 0333, the line will be disconnected.
    2. Answer the call from REDtone
    3. Enter the destination number followed by #

  • To make call from fixed line via-Toll free access
    1. Dial 1800 87 9906
    2. Enter your destination number followed by #


i.    Missed Callback feature available only for Mobile Phone.
ii.   Register & call using toll free for maximize call savings.
iii.  Local mobile charges may apply for mobile users call to 1800 87 9906.

You can share your REDtone Plus airtime with your loved ones too, so that you only need to maintain one account, and they can enjoy the same REDtone Plus benefits. To register your loved one’s phone number to share your airtime
  • via Instant office website
    1. Click on ‘REDtone Plus’
    2. Select ‘ Caller ID’
    3. Enter your new caller id and select prefer language.
    4. Press ‘ Submit Registration’.

  • via Toll Free
    1. Dial 1800 87 9906
    2. Press * 4 for register phone number
    3. Enter phone number to register & follow by #
    4. Select the preferred language

  • via SMS
    1. SMS: ADDR <sp&rt; Phone number e.g: ADDR 0123456789
    2. Send to 012 327 5858 or 016 205 4565 or 019 276 9433
    Note: Normal SMS charges will apply